Ali, Huda & 1001 Adventures

Ali, Huda & 1001 Adventures

2 Episodes

In this exclusive original series, Ali, Huda, and their friends take your kids into a new exciting adventure in each episode. These are the stories of forgotten Muslim heroes, scientists, and innovators that pushed humankind and technological progress forward in the Golden Age of Islam when the rest of the world was described as Dark Ages. These heroes discovered Algebra, the algorithm to the scientific method and the very first university, Unfortunately, most of this was forgotten. Until now.

In each episode, our characters start with an everyday question like "why do we need to learn Math?". During the show, they will not only discover an answer to their question, but they will get introduced a Muslim hero from the past. Our hope is to inspire our young minds so hopefully, they will kickstart the next Golden Age of Islam.

The show also focuses on emotional intelligence to develop the character of Muslim children to prepare them better for life and introduce Islam the fun way, inshaAllah.

Since the storyline is calm and slow-paced, it is perfect for you as a Muslim parent to encourage your children to listen to this series as a bedtime story as well.

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Ali, Huda & 1001 Adventures
  • Flying Man

    Episode 1

    Did you know that there was someone a long time ago who designed a pair of wings to fly like a bird? Join Ali and Huda to learn more about the flying man in history.

  • Math is Everywhere!

    Episode 2

    Ali is confused on why he should learn Math. Do you know why math is important, kids?