7 Episodes

Do you like Airports? Are you a curious learner who wants to know more about aircrafts?

Follow 3D Cartoon Airport to learn numbers in an exciting and fun way! Kids will learn how aircrafts are built, their parts, and uses - all while learning how to count!

In each episode, a new aircraft is built and set on a mission to find the number blocks. The cargo helicopter would go and collect each block to deliver to the airport to arrange them in sequence.

The series is ideal for toddlers and preschoolers who have just begun to learn numbers and counting.

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  • Cargo Helicopter >> Numbers: 1, 2 & 3

    Episode 1

    The Cartoon Airport looked so lonely, so they built a cargo helicopter who will look for the number blocks and collect them.

    In this episode, cargo helicopter will fly around to look for the number blocks: one, two, and three!

    Let’s fly together! :)

  • Aeroplane >> Number 4

    Episode 2

    Cartoon Airport built an aeroplane and assigned the task to find the number four.

    Did the aeroplane find the number?

    Let’s watch the episode to find out!

  • Small Helicopter >> Number 5

    Episode 3

    A newly built small helicopter found the number five block, but could it carry the block by itself?

  • Seaplane >> Number 6

    Episode 4

    We have another new aircraft built today at the 3D airport.

    It’s a seaplane!

    The seaplane went around the airport for a quick ride but found something on the nearby lake.

    Can you guess what it found? :)

  • Hot Air Balloon >> Number 7

    Episode 5

    Cartoon Airport builds a hot air balloon! Isn’t that exciting?

    Just like the other aircrafts, the hot air balloon’s mission is to look for numbers, but will it manage to find the missing number 7 block?

    Let’s find out!

  • Jet Airplane >> Number 8

    Episode 6

    Do you know what 3D airport built today?

    It’s a jet airplane!

    In this episode, Jet Airplane goes on a ride to look for the number 8.

    Let’s follow the plane to see if it could find the block.

  • Sky Rocket >> Number 9

    Episode 7

    Cartoon Airport has got some parts of a Sky Rocket!

    Let’s join them to build the rocket so it can fly high to find the last missing number block!