5 Episodes

Eman Channel invited 8 children to spend a week with us and push themselves to the limit with awesome activities and challenges.

Follow the Activ8 team as they have a once in a lifetime experience of white water rafting, archery, horse riding and much more all in the space of seven days!

  • Meet the boys on Day 1

    Episode 1

    Meet the boys: Ayub, Abdurrahman, Dawud, Musa, Ibrahim, Esa, and Mohib.

    It is Day 1. Teams are defined.

    Todays challenge is to survive outdoors and in the woods.

    They are introduced into the art of bushcraft.

    Each contestant is tested physically and emotionally.

  • Discover the Art of Archery on Day 2

    Episode 2

    So today is all about the archery.

    Archery has been around for 1000s of years. It holds a dear place in Islam for many centuries.

    So why is archery so amazing? Lets find out.

  • Horse riding and kayaking on Day 3

    Episode 3

    Day 3 is going to be a bit different than other days.

    The main reason being is that we will tire the boys out.

    There will be challenging two activities in one day.

    The temperature is around 15 °C and it is even colder in the water.

    Lets see who keeps moving. As they say when going...

  • All About Basketball on Day 4

    Episode 4

    Today is all about basketball. Sometimes you need to be a part of the team which builds unity among brothers.

    The participants need to learn the rules as much as they can in 2 hours. Then they need to face their opponents.

    The only way to succeed is to stay together and support each other...

  • Activ8 Episode 5

    Episode 5