4 Cars

4 Cars

96 Episodes

Follow 4 Cars on their journey to learn, explore, and have some fun!

The edutainment series provides lots of contents for kids to learn. From colors and shapes to animals and vehicles, kids get the opportunity to learn all in one place.

Each episode has a theme explored in different ways: as an adventure, a mystery or a puzzle to solve - through which kids learn the objects and words they see around the 4 Cars.

The black car in the series will teach kids the negative impact of bad conducts and how good things will result in positive consequences. The car chases make the series more intriguing to watch as the episodes progress.

The series is ideal for little kids to expand their vocabulary where each episode unfolds something new to learn. The visually appealing videos with colorful shapes and sounds will stimulate their brain activity, and thus boost their memory and sense of observation. The conversational narrative in the episodes will help kids to acquire fluent language skills, encouraging their language development at an early age.

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4 Cars
  • Big Blue Pyramid

    Episode 1

    Cartoon Cars are Building a BIG Blue 3D Pyramid! The Magic Train, Crane, Tractor & Dump Truck are all helping but do you know all these SPECIAL SHAPES? How quickly can you guess what we were building correctly?

  • Garbage Truck

    Episode 2

    There’s so much Garbage here! Which bins do we use? Let's Construct with wheels, chassis & lights! OK Truck it's your first day at work!

  • Bus Ride
    Episode 3

    Bus Ride

    Episode 3

    The Bus No.5 & Cartoon Cars Learn Numbers & Colors. Maria rides on the Bus No.5 and plays a Number puzzle!

  • Recycling
    Episode 4


    Episode 4

    Which Truck takes our Trash? Fire engine? Tractor? Crane, Garbage truck? Which Truck Recycles? Meet the Green, Yellow and Blue bins! Look! Masha knows all the answers. Do you?

  • Racing Motorbike

    Episode 5

    The Cartoon Cars are busy playing Hide and Seek but Truck & Excavator bring them a MOTORCYCLE to build! It's a Racing Motorbike and it shows us how it can jump and speed around the Racetrack. Do you like Motorcycles?

  • Ball Pit Party #1

    Episode 6

    Cartoon Cars Ball Pit Splash on the Danger Slide but be careful sliding down into all those balls! Ride up a special Roller Coaster, and dive into the Multi-Colored Ball Pit Balls! Dump Truck & Excavator are on Playground duty to watch the fun! Go on Blue car! You are brave!

  • Ball Pit Party #2

    Episode 7

    Have fun in the Cartoon Cars Playground with a Ball Pit & Ball Pit Balls! Learn Shapes as the Cars construct a Shapes Boat (Trapezium,Triangle,Cylinder) to float on Pit Balls in the Ball Pit! Sail Away! Down the slide into all those balls!

  • Fruit Farm

    Episode 8

    Can you play Wheelball? Cartoon Cars, Excavator & Truck are in the Garden Planting a Fruit Tree Orchard! What's your favourite Fruit? Apples? Oranges? Lemons? Bananas? Pomegranates? Tomatoes? Pears? Limes? Kiwis? Kumquats?

  • Birthday Party

    Episode 9

    Cartoon Cars are Celebrating because they're building a Clockwork Railway! It's a Car Birthday in the Cartoon Playground!

  • Blue Arch
    Episode 10

    Blue Arch

    Episode 10

    Cartoon Cars drive through the Magic Arch into their Cartoon Playground! It's a BLUE world! What happens here with Mr Helicopter?

  • Hide and Seek

    Episode 11

    Are you good at hiding? Can you beat the Cartoon Cars?

    They're having a great time in their Cartoon Playground playing a game of Hide and Seek with Big Castles, Shapes and Balls to Hide behind! But check out this other way...!

  • Helicopter
    Episode 12


    Episode 12

    Are you clever? Do you know the names of the parts of a Helicopter? Our good old friends the 4 Color Cartoon Cars do! Let's make one together with Crane & Fire Truck and discover!

  • Orance Sports Car Race

    Episode 13

    Cartoon Cars are RACING in a SCARY TUNNEL! Check out this Relay Team Race with weird see-saws & Slippery Slides! Scary! The cars race to finish Construction of a SURPRISE Orange Sports Car!

  • Colour Bridge

    Episode 14

    Wake up Cartoon Cars! We're in the Construction Playground today building a Railway Bridge for Trains but we need Colour Blocks so PAINT them in the Painting Circle! Just push the button! Go find those blocks little cars!

  • Special Race!

    Episode 15

    Cartoon Color Cars each have a paint brush! Watch them Paint Colors & Shapes for their SPECIAL RACE! What do you think they will paint? Ready? Red lights... Yellow lights... Green lights... GO!

  • Football Challenge

    Episode 16

    GOAL! Like Football or Soccer? Like Puzzles? Like Car Cartoons? Learn Numbers and Colors with Educational Football Puzzle Cartoons with Cartoon Cars! The Cartoon Cars must kick the ball into the correct goal and name the color!

  • Fruit Train
    Episode 17

    Fruit Train

    Episode 17

    Watch 4 Cars Cartoons Fruity Railway Train carrying Apples, Oranges and Bananas for our Cartoon Car friends but it's going too fast and it falls over! Excavator and Crane are here to help make everything right, but do they know Apples from Bananas?

  • Car Wash
    Episode 18

    Car Wash

    Episode 18

    The 4 cars continued playing in the middle of a flower bed until they found themselves all muddy and dirty!

    How are they going to clean themselves? Will they ever become clean cars again?

  • Pyramid Factory

    Episode 19

    Cartoon Cars need Color RINGS to build PYRAMIDS but there's a problem! They need big rings, not small rings! Join the Cars at THE PYRAMID FACTORY and make blue, green and yellow rings together! Let’s go Mister Crane!

  • Blocks on the Road

    Episode 20

    4 Cartoon Car Friends hit a ROAD BLOCK but Mr Helicopter helps to take the PROBLEM away and the cars are so clever, they decide to Construct some Houses with them! But HOW?

  • Fruit Challenge

    Episode 21

    Today, the Cartoon Cars must fill the holes in each picture in this puzzle! You are clever, cars! Learn Colors and Fruits together. Educational Food Cartoons for Kids!

  • Sliding Contest

    Episode 22

    The Cartoon Cars Bowl Number Balls in the Cartoon Playground and then have a COMPETITION to see who can slide the furthest! Help them put the Number balls into the correct order!

  • Game of Shapes

    Episode 23

    The Cartoon Cars must tidy up their Cartoon Playground but they don't know where to put their TOYS! Can you help them find the correct SHAPES and COLORS?

  • Magic Numbers

    Episode 24

    Can you do Tricks with Numbers? Today, the Cartoon Cars have a maths problem but can they solve it?