4 Cars

4 Cars

99 Episodes

Follow 4 Cars on their journey to learn, explore, and have some fun!

The edutainment series provides lots of contents for kids to learn. From colors and shapes to animals and vehicles, kids get the opportunity to learn all in one place.

Each episode has a theme explored in different ways: as an adventure, a mystery or a puzzle to solve - through which kids learn the objects and words they see around the 4 Cars.

The black car in the series will teach kids the negative impact of bad conducts and how good things will result in positive consequences. The car chases make the series more intriguing to watch as the episodes progress.

The series is ideal for little kids to expand their vocabulary where each episode unfolds something new to learn. The visually appealing videos with colorful shapes and sounds will stimulate their brain activity, and thus boost their memory and sense of observation. The conversational narrative in the episodes will help kids to acquire fluent language skills, encouraging their language development at an early age.

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4 Cars
  • Tractor
    Episode 1


    Episode 1

    3D Cartoon with the help of Cartoon Cars, we build a TRACTOR from wheels, exhaust, engine, towing hook and then solve a PUZZLE! The Tractor collects colour shapes but do you know their names? Rectangle, square, star, triangle, circle on Magic Train’s carriages. Have a nice trip!

  • Clever Crane

    Episode 2

    Can you build The CLEVER CRANE? Try a new playground slide with Classical Music for Children then a Vehicle Puzzle!

  • Train Bridge

    Episode 3

    A super Color Steam Locomotive rides the Railway carrying Colour Cubes with numbers but a DISASTER happens! The Purple Bridge over the Train Tracks has broken! Who will come to repair it and help the train on its journey?

  • Orange Arch

    Episode 4

    Watch as Cartoon Cars & a Tractor dance to beautiful Classical Music and drive under a Magic Arch to change Colour!

  • Train Construction

    Episode 5

    Make a STEAM TRAIN LOCOMOTIVE demo! Do you know the parts of the train?

  • Yellow Arch

    Episode 6

    Cartoon Cars drive through the Magic Arch and change color and they meet a BIG cartoon crane and play with Yellow Balls to build a tower of number cube blocks.

  • Red Arch
    Episode 7

    Red Arch

    Episode 7

    The cute Cartoon Cars with Colorful Toy Block Cubes drive through the "Magic Arch" into the Cartoon Playground to change Colour!

  • Green Arch

    Episode 8

    Today the Cartoon Cars drive under the "Magic Arch" and change color while they dance to Music from Mozart!

  • Pinky Pool

    Episode 9

    Dive into the PINKY POOL with the Cartoon Cars! The Cartoon Cars have a new challenge but what is it?

  • Shapes Sorter

    Episode 10

    Can YOU solve this SHAPE TRUCK puzzle? A Magic Train carries shapes: Square. Circle. Triangle, Rectangle, Star, Oval, Pentagon & Trapezium! We must learn their names and solve the Magic Shape Truck Puzzle by putting the shapes into the windows ...but some shapes are missing! Can we do it? We have...

  • 4 Coloured Cubes

    Episode 11

    Cartoon Cars dance to Music from Mozart and play with cubes! Simple, Fun Educational cartoons for kids. Cartoons about cars to learn colours and learn numbers!

  • Excavator
    Episode 12


    Episode 12

    Kid's animation with car cartoons for kids to learn numbers, learn counting and learn colors! Learn to count with videos for kids!

  • Airplane Puzzle Game

    Episode 13

    Here comes the MAGIC TRAIN! It's bringing us a JIGSAW PUZZLE! Magic Train is carrying pieces for the PUZZLE: Hot-air Balloon, Helicopter, Rocket and a small Airplane. Let's put the pieces into their places! Oh! but a piece is missing! Can you find it? Thank you Magic Train. Thank you Color Cars!

  • Gas Truck Construction

    Episode 14

    Cartoon Cars build a GAS TANKER! Here are the parts for the Truck. Look! Can you see? Shall we put these pieces together? Four wheels, a cabin, an engine. Then the Blue Car visits the Fuel Station to buy some petrol. Let's fill him up! But more Cars want petrol too! What shall we do? Have a nice ...

  • Garage for Cars

    Episode 15

    The Cartoon Cars are RACING each other to the new HQ! Who is the fastest? Shall we build a BIG GARAGE Headquarters for our Color Cartoon Cars!? Our friendly toy Excavator & Crane will help us to build the roof and the walls but we must find a missing garage door in the PUZZLE! Which door do we need?

  • Trucks Puzzle

    Episode 16

    Where is the missing Jigsaw Puzzle piece? We have a Tractor, an Excavator, a Dump Truck, a Bulldozer and a Crane but something is missing! Ooops! The Crane fell off the Train!

  • Animal Farm
    Episode 17

    Animal Farm

    Episode 17

    Where is the missing Jigsaw Puzzle piece? We have a Tractor, an Excavator, a Dump Truck, a Bulldozer and a Crane but something is missing! Ooops! The Crane fell off the Train!

  • Bus Construction

    Episode 18

    Watch these cool Mini Magic Cars Construct a CLONE of a Passenger Bus! Shall we try to help them? We need seats, wheels, doors... but WHO are those strange bus passengers?

  • Toy Puzzle
    Episode 19

    Toy Puzzle

    Episode 19

    Hello! Do you like puzzles? Look carefully... can you see a Magic Railway Train? It's carrying a Puzzle of TOYS! Let’s try to solve this Puzzle with the Clever Tractor! Have you met him?

  • First Race
    Episode 20

    First Race

    Episode 20

    First, Mr Crane builds a Racing Track for Cartoon Cars, then they must race over some obstacles! Who will be the first over the finish line? They're small cars but they're very fast!

  • Teeth Puzzle

    Episode 21

    What FUNNY TEETH! Look! The MAGIC Train travels along a Railway carrying a Hypodermic Syringe, a mouth mask, a Dental Mirror, a tube of Toothpaste ...and a Tooth! Why?

  • Wooden Firetruck

    Episode 22

    Our friends the 4 Colour Cartoon Cars build a NEW TOY! What is it? Mr Crane tries to help but he gets everything wrong! Don't worry because Maria is here to help us! Look what we made!

  • Colour Pyramid

    Episode 23

    We found a BIG Red ring and a small Blue ring. What is the difference? Our little Car Friends construct a Gorgeous Colour Pyramid using Orange, Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange & Green rings with the Yellow Cartoon Excavator! Will you help us? What do you think should be at the top of our pyramid?

  • Flower Garden

    Episode 24

    It's Summertime! In the Cartoon Playground the Cartoon Cars are planting a Flower Garden! The Cartoon Excavator and Dump Truck are helping too. They bring soil, plants and plant pots!